Portland, BIKETOWN, and ODOT

Portland, we love you. And we’re so happy that you’ve finally figured out bike share. And we’re so disappointed in you, and so very tired of biking through the wet concrete of public process and institutional bureaucracy, and of the lack of real, progressive vision, the kind of vision that could make this city great. We need a […]

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Yes, AND!

Improvisational comedy has one fundamental rule, and it’s a rule I believe our walking, biking, transit and Vision Zero advocates need to adopt: Yes, AND… To keep a scene moving, you learn to take your partner’s suggestion and expand upon it rather than shut it down or change the topic. The thing is, when talking […]

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Don’t Feed the Trolls

5 hour sleep because I stayed up late last night screenshotting comments where people say I shouldn’t have my kids on a bike. Wake up the next morning that was easy. The screenshots only matter if you engage with brands. Here’s one of the worst. .@intel your ad dollars are feeding the trolls. Ask @wweek […]

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No longer acceptable

Politicians are beginning to get the message that traffic violence is not acceptable. In any cultural shift, there will be stragglers who defend the old order. Vision Zero USA is here to remove those people from office. Take notice: If, like NYC’s “Reckless Rory” Lancman, you oppose penalties for drivers who kill or injure pedestrians, you […]

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