No longer acceptable

Politicians are beginning to get the message that traffic violence is not acceptable. In any cultural shift, there will be stragglers who defend the old order. Vision Zero USA is here to remove those people from office.

Take notice: If, like NYC’s “Reckless Rory” Lancman, you oppose penalties for drivers who kill or injure pedestrians, you make our job easy. If, like Scott Barbur, you joke about killing vulnerable road users, we can’t promise to limit our response to policy matters.

If you find yourself in our crosshairs, you may be asking “how can I repent?” Simply put, you must recant whatever statement got you here in the first place. Changing your offensive legislation to something less offensive doesn’t cut it. Dropping it altogether is a good start. Next you must apologize, in a way that is clear enough that others learn from your mistake. Finally, you need to do something good—like introduce a bill holding vehicle owners responsible for illegal driving when the driver’s identity is in question, closing the tinted-windows loophole.