Enough is Enough. Inaction Kills

Portland, OR is the city we’ve called home since the Fall of 1998. Portland is our love, although our hearts ache for the other places we are connected to across the country: Austin, where Chris grew up; New York, where Amy grew up, and where our nieces and nephew live; Philadelphia, where more family and friends live; San Francisco and the Bay Area, a temporary home with even more family and friends.

Our hearts ache each time a child is killed crossing the street, or a driver jumps a curb and kills a fellow human enjoying a beautiful day walking across the Burnside Bridge, admiring the Willamette river. Our hearts ache when a drunk driver crosses the freeway and kills someone in a head on collision.

We are all vulnerable to traffic violence, and as a society we pay the costs, not only in heartbreak, but in lost wages, in lost opportunities (think of the businesses that flourish in our few pedestrian friendly zones), in lives cut short by dangerous infrastructure, insufficient education, lax enforcement, and slow-moving political leaders.

Join us in advocating for change. Join us in holding politicians across the country accountable for inaction. Let’s say it together: Enough is enough.

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